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HavenCo Press Releases
Major Media Coverage

If you know of any press links on the web for stories about HavenCo and Sealand which we do not yet have listed here, please email them to the HavenCo webmaster. Specifically, we are missing a large number of post-August 2000 articles.

Television Coverage Additional Media Coverage
  • Winnipeg Free Press: Internet rebels establish independent colony Data haven a refuge from government regulations , 4 June 2000
  • About.com: The little data haven that could, 5 June 2000
  • Toronto Star: Cyber rebels go surfing in Sealand, 5 June 2000
  • Agence France-Presse: Offshore platform state to become "data haven", 5 June 2000
  • Newsbytes: Radical Web Company Offers Offshore Hosting, 5 June 2000
  • AFX (UK): A company set up on a small island 10 km off the coast of the UK could offer protection to data held by investment banks and other firms, 5 June 2000
  • East Anglian Daily Times: Data haven planned on sea fortress, 6 June 2000
  • Evening Mail: Internet 'island' set up in the North Sea Data haven with gun guards and radar, 6 June 2000
  • The Independent - London: Investors flock to help internet tax haven go it alone, 6 June 2000
  • San Jose Mercury News: Data Haven May be a Step in The Right Direction, 6 June 2000
  • www.projectgamma.com: Internet 'Data Haven' Launched, 7 June 2000
  • The Standard: HavenCo in Unchartered Waters, 7 June 2000
  • Las Vegas Weekly: Info Island, 7 June 2000
  • Business Wire: Can Sealand Become the Switzerland of Data?, 7 June 2000
  • The Daily Telegraph (Australia): Internet pirates, 7 June 2000
  • Los Angeles Times: 7 Companies Seek Safeguards for Online Consumer Privacy Internet: Coalition urges merchants to set up standards for dealing with transactions and customer complaints, 7 June 2000
  • The West Australian: North Sea's new 'nation' offers discreet Net haven, 7 June 2000
  • Los Angeles Times: A Nation for Friend and Faux, 7 June 2000
  • The Seattle Times: The littlest nation Prince, princess of Sealand have faced court challenges, usurpers and a small war, 8 June 2000
  • Computer Weekly: Data stormů, 8 June 2000
  • Portland Oregonian: Couple's Own Country Sits on Platform in North Sea, 11 June 2000
  • SecurityPortal: A Safe Haven for Data?, 12 June 2000
  • Entrepreneurs Only: Sealand as Haven from Internet Laws, 13 June 2000
  • Times Union Albany, NY: Sealand outpost now awash in international Internet data, 15 June 2000
  • The Daily Telegraph: The hard fort battle for a data haven, 15 June 2000
  • The Scotsman: Legal Issues On-line firms set to take refuge in offshore fortress , 15 June 2000
  • New Scientist: New Scientist Together with HavenCo.(Slasdot, HavenCo offer unregulated Web services), 17 June 2000
  • InternetWeek: A Haven For Net Lawbreakers? -- HavenCo claims its fortress is just the place to hide; legal experts aren't so sure, 19 June 2000
  • InternetWeek: Achieving Economic Privacy One Data Haven At A Time, 19 June 2000
  • intellectualcapital.com: The Sovereign State of Sealand?, 22 June 2000
  • Canadian Press: Rebel nation of Sealand teams with Internet pioneers to evade Big Brother, 23 June 2000
  • Christian Science Monitor: Banned on land, but free at sea?, 23 June 2000
  • The Florida Times-Union: Tiny principality offers Internet free of government regulation, 25 June 2000
  • Houston Chronicle: An Internet 'Mouse That Roars' pops up off Britain / Sea platform beyond reach of government rules, 25 June 2000
  • Dayton Daily News: Rebel Nation Teams With Net Pioneers, 25 June 2000
  • Grand Rapids Press: Far out at sea, rebel nation tries to dodge Internet Big Brother, 25 June 2000
  • The Record, Northern New Jersey: Internet's Offshore Haven Company's Goal is Data Freedom at North Sea, 26 June 2000
  • The Wall Street Journal Europe: Web Firm Is Planning a Cyber Haven at Sea, 28 June 2000
  • F@cts Magazine: E-Land in Sicht
  • Scottish Daily Record: Tiptoing through the Web, 1 July 2000
  • Communications International: The mouse that roared, 1 July 2000
  • The New Orleans Times-Picayune: E-Freedom Fighters Boot Up on Old WWII Gun Platform Internet 'Nation' Raises Many Legal Questions, 2 July 2000
  • Sun-Sentinel Ft. Lauderdale: Sealand Wants to Waive the Rules Owner of Channel 'Island' Flaunts His Cyber Independence From Britain, 2 July 2000
  • Charleston Gazette: Principality may be 'date haven' Platform in sea promises privacy, no interference, 3 July 2000
  • Associated Press: Sealand's Piracy Adds Twist to Net Privacy, 3 July 2000
  • Computer Weekly: Offshore fortress fights RIP powers, 6 July 2000
  • Time International: Closely Guarded Secrets, 17 July 2000
  • The Times of London: How a law-less 'data haven' is using law to protect itself, 8 August 2000
  • Australasian Business Intelligence: The Bulletin: Shakey isle, 8 August 2000
  • East Anglian Daily Times: Sealand may be an independent state, 9 August 2000
  • Radio Netherlands: The Battle of Hastings, 18 August 2000

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