DefCon ][ Annoucement #8

Updated Last : 6.14.1994 Less than two months to go!

--> Updated sections will have a "*" next to them for easier location.

--> New Speaking Schedule, Updates to various sections

Get your hotel room now!! Rooms get released on the 21st! 7 Days!

XXXXXXXxxxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX   DEF CON II Convention Update Announcement
XXXXXXxxxxxxXXXXXX  X    X      DEF CON II Convention Update Announcement
XXXXXxxxxxxxxXXXXXXX  X         DEF CON II Convention Update Announcement
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XXXXXXxxxxxxXXXXXXXXX X         DEF CON II Convention Update Announcement
XXXXXXXxxxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX      DEF CON II Convention Update Announcement


What's this? This is an updated announcement and invitation to DEF CON II, a convention for the "underground" elements of the computer culture. We try to target the (Fill in your favorite word here): Hackers, Phreaks, Hammies, Virii Coders, Programmers, Crackers, Cyberpunk Wannabees, Civil Liberties Groups, CypherPunks, Futurists, Artists, Etc..

WHO:   You know who you are, you shady characters.
WHAT:  A convention for you to meet, party, and listen to some speeches
       that you would normally never hear.
WHEN:  July 22, 23, 24 - 1994 (Speaking on the 23rd and 24th)
WHERE: Las Vegas, Nevada @ The Sahara Hotel

So you heard about DEF CON I, and want to hit part II? You heard about the parties, the info discussed, the bizarre atmosphere of Las Vegas and want to check it out in person? Load up your laptop muffy, we're heading to Vegas!

Here is what Three out of Three people said about last years convention:

"DEF CON I, last week in Las Vegas, was both the strangest and the best computer event I have attended in years." -- Robert X. Cringely, Info World

"Toto, I don't think we're at COMDEX anymore." -- CodeRipper, Gray Areas

"Soon we were at the hotel going through the spoils: fax sheets, catalogs, bits of torn paper, a few McDonald's Dino-Meals and lots of coffee grounds. The documents disappeared in seconds." -- Gillian Newson, New Media Magazine


Last year we held DEF CON I, which went over great, and this year we are planning on being bigger and better. We have expanded the number of speakers to included midnight tech talks and additional speaking on Sunday. We attempt to bring the underground into contact with "legitimate" speakers. Sure it's great to meet and party with fellow hackers, but besides that we try to provide information and speakers in a forum that can't be found at other conferences.

While there is an initial concern that this is just another excuse for the evil hackers to party and wreak havoc, it's just not the case. People come to DEF CON for information and for making contacts. We strive to distinguish this convention from others in that respect.


This year will be much larger and more organized (hopefully) than last year. We have a much larger meeting area, and have better name recognition. Because of this we will have more speakers on broader topics. Expect speaking to run Saturday and Sunday, ending around 5 p.m. Some of the new things expected include:

> An Internet connection with sixteen ports will be there, _BUT_ will only provide serial connections because terminals are too hard to ship. So bring a laptop with communications software if you want to connect to the network. Thanks to cyberlink communications for the connection.

The connection will be at least a 28.8kbps slip, and we are working with the hotel to try and set up a 56k line for the weekend.

> There will be door prizes, and someone has already donated a Cell Phone and a few "Forbidden Subjects" CD ROMs to give away, thanks to Dead Addict. People have decided to bring all types of cool old and new stuff to give away from ancient 300 acoustic modems to an oki 900 cell phone. Crazy!

> Torquie (Remember her from last year?) will try and present the World Premier Showing of her Documentary of the computer underground, as shot in the United States and Europe. Should be a great show.. who knows, you might see someone you know. Editing is being done on the "Full Disclosure" project now.

> Dr. Ludwig will present his virus creation awards on Sunday.

> A bigger and better "Spot The Fed" contest, which means more shirts to give away. Plus this year we can expect a newer and greater variety of Federal agents in attendance. Should be acronym alphabet soup!

> More room, we should have tables set up for information distribution. If you have anything you want distributed, feel free to leave it on the designated tables. Yes, this year there will be a true 24 hour convention space.

* Looks like we'll have a wet bar in the convention room for those in intense conversations who can't make it down to the bars to load up.

Talk about more room! The Sahara moved us into "Room #1" (See uuencoded .gif floorplan in the follow up file) which has an unbelievable amount of space.. we're talking 750 people to 900 people. Should be plenty of space. We might try and partition a section off and show the movies there instead of having people run up to a movie suite elsewhere.

> A 24 hour movie / video suite where we will be playing all types of stuff. VHS Format. Mail me with suggested titles to show, or bring your own. We'll use a wall projector when not in use by speakers.

> Midnight Tech Talks on Friday and Saturday night to cover the more technical topics and leave the days free for more general discussions.

Friday night will be conspiracy night, along with a video conference dealing with unix and Internet security and an assembly programming workshop on twenty ways to trash a PC.

* Saturday night will be a radio and cellular workshop night.


This list represents almost all of the speakers verified to date. Some people do not want to be announced until the event for various reasons, or are waiting for approval from employers. A speaking schedule will go out in the next announcement.

Speaker, Who they are, Topic to be covered

Philip Zimmerman, Notorious Cryptographer & Author of PGP. Keynote Address.

Dr. Ludwig, Author of "The Little Black Book of Computer Viruses," and "Computer Viruses, Artificial Life and Evolution"

Loyd Blankenship (The Mentor), Net Running in the 90's and RPG.

Padgett Peterson, Anti-Virus Programmer, "What it's like to clean up other peoples messes"

The Jackal, A Radio Communications Overview, Digital Radio and the Hack Angle.

Judi Clark, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility.

Gail Thackery, (Of Operation Sun Devil Fame), Topic to be Announced.

To be Announced, The Software Publishers Association, Topic to be Announced.

Toni Ames, Ex US West Cellular Fraud, Cellular Fraud Topics.

Mark, Cellular Enthusiast, Hacking Cell Phones.

Lorax, The Lighter Side of VMBs.

(Peter Shipley, UNIX Stud, Q&A on UNIX Security)

George Smith, Editor of the Crypt Newsletter.

Cathy Compton, Attorney, Q&A Surrounding Seizure Issues, Etc.

John Littman, Reporter and Author.

Red Five & Hellbender, Madmen With a Camcorder.

Erik Bloodaxe, Phrack Editor.

Curtis Karnow, Attorney.

* Mystery, UNIX god, UNIX Security stuff. (Video conference)

* Mystery, Mystery, Cool toys.

Annaliza, Independent film producer from London.

M_Strata.Rose, UNIX consultant and designer of Virtual City Network.

Mark Aldrich, General Research Corporation.

(To be announced)


It's in Las Vegas, the town that never sleeps. Really. There are no clocks anywhere in an attempt to lull you into believing the day never ends. Talk about virtual reality, this place fits the bill with no clunky hardware. If you have a buzz you may never know the difference. It will be at the Sahara Hotel. Intel is as follows:

NOTE: Please make it clear you are registering for the "DEFCON" convention to get the room rates. Our convention space price is based on how many people register. Register under a false name if it makes you feel better, 'cuz the more that register the better for my pocket book. No one under 21 can rent a room by themselves, so get your buddy who is 21 to rent for you and crash out. Try to contact people on the Interactive Mailing List (More on that below) and hook up with people. Don't let the hotel people get their hands on your baggage, or there is a mandatory $3 group baggage fee. Vegas has killer unions.

* -> I have noticed that sometimes the hotel gets confused with people registering rooms, make sure they find the conference because we do exist there.


They have told me that normal hotel rooms are totally book for this time period (I guess it is the height of tourist season?) so if you plan on finding a room try to do it before the deadline.


I'll whip up a list of stuff that's cool to check out in town there so if for some reason you leave the awesome conference you can take in some unreal sites in the city of true capitalism. If anyone lives in Las Vegas, I would appreciate it if you could send a list of some cool places to check out or where to go to see the best shows and I'll post it in the next announcement or in the program

-> I am asking for people to submit to me any artwork, pictures, drawings, logos, etc. that they want me to try and include in this years program. I am trying to not violate any copyright laws, but want cool shit. Send me your art or whatever and I'll try and use it in the program, giving you credit for the work, of course. Please send it in .TIFF format if it has more than eight bit color. The program will be eight bit black and white, -> in case you want to make adjustments on your side.

W00p! W00p! Due to a drive failure (overheating) I have lost the original artwork that people have sent me for use in the program. Please resend it to me as soon as possible! Also looking for short rants/raves reviews, etc. to include in the program.

Work has started on the program, try to get your stuff to me in the next week!


We are trying to raffle off interesting and old functional items. If you have anything such as old computers, modems, weird radio stuff, books, magazines, etc. that you want to get rid of, please call or mail me with what it is, or bring it along. I don't want to waste peoples time giving away rubber bands or anything, but pretty much anything else will go.

* We have a WWW page now available at // /defcon it is also available through the CPSR page.

** Mailing List Server is dead, kaput, exit -1. I'm working on getting a commercial place to handle it for me so I can get it done quick.


Some of the places you can look for information from last year include:

New Media Magazine, September 1993
InfoWorld, 7-12-1993 and also 7-19-1993 by Robert X. Cringely
Gray Areas Magazine, Vol. 2, #3 (Fall 1993)
UNIX World, ???,
Phrack #44, #45


Cost is whatever you pay for a hotel room split however many ways, plus $15 if you preregister, or $30 at the door. This gets you a nifty 24 bit color name tag (We're gonna make it niftier this year) and your foot in the door. There are fast food places all over, and there is alcohol all over the place but the trick is to get it during a happy hour for maximum cheapness. The convention program will include some places to check out as suggested by several people who have spent time in the sin city.

Current Speaking Schedule (This will change with time)

Times are in 24 hour format. Roughly 1/2 hour talks with 15 minutes of Q&A, Maximum of 50 minutes per speaker.

FRIDAY, July 22

Convention room opens 09 on Friday

22-23   El1te video conference, UNIX security
23-24   Twenty Ways to trash a PC, assembly programming
24-01   Conspiracy Fest, the Inslaw affair (read up on it in the EFF
01-02   archives so you know what they are talking about.)


10-11   Welcome to the Convention!! Keynote Speaker Phil Zimmerman
11-12   Gail Thackery and Toni Ames
12-13   Kurt Karnow, The legal implications of encryption
13-14   Cathy Compton,
13-14   Judy Clark, CPSR,
        [These five speakers will be spread out over four hours (I hope)]
14-15   BREAK
15-16   BREAK
16-17   Theora, Privacy & Annonminity on the Internet, Round table discussion
17-18   Cool toy demo
18-19   The Jackal, Radio communications overview
19-20   Torquie, The European hacking community and 'scene'
20-21   BREAK
21-22   BREAK
22-23   BREAK
23-24   Erik Bloodaxe, Weird Wireless Psycho shit.  CDPD, POGSAG, Etc.
24-01   Mark & friends, Cellular workshop (Oki 900 and 1150)
01-02   ""
02-03   ""

SUNDAY, July 24

10-11   George Smith, Virus Topic TBA
11-12   Padgett Peterson, Anti Virus, Cleaning up after other peoples messes
12-13   Dr. Ludwig, Virus Creation Awards and what to do when the feds come
13-14   BREAK
14-15   ???, S.P.A.
15-16   Loyd Blankenship, Netrunning in the '90s and RPGs
16-17   Lorax, The lighter side of the "underworld"
17-18   Red Five and HellBender

MONDAY, July 25

Convention room closes 8 am Monday


For Internet users, there is a DEF CON anonymous ftp site at in /pub/defcon. There are digitized pictures, digitized speeches and text files with the latest up to date info available.

The FTP site was nuked, and some files recovered. The missing files (Dan Farmers speech, some of the image files) are being uploaded again.

For email users, you can email for more information.

For non-net people call:

                  ----  A  L  L  I  A  N  C  E  ----
                           SysOp  Metalhead
              612.251.8596  USRobotics 16.8 Dual Standard
                   Synchronet Multinode BBS Software
      International Informational Retrieval Guild (IIRG) Distro Site
              Electronic Frontier Foundation  (EFF) MEMBER
            American Bulletin Board Association (ABBA) MEMBER
 o FidoNet [1:282/8004]
 o CyberCrime international [69:4612/2]
 o Computer Underground Magazines, History, Updates & Text
 o DEF CON Mirror Archive
 o uXu, PHANTASY, CuD, EFF Magazine(s) Distro Site
For Snail Mail and Pre-Registration send to: DEF CON,
                                             2709 E. Madison Street Suite #102
                                             Seattle, WA, 98112
Make Checks payable to DEF CON
For Voice Mail and maybe a human (me), 0-700-TANGENT on an AT&T phone.
A DEF CON Mailing list is maintained, and the latest announcements are mailed
automatically to you.  If you wish to be added to the list just send email


> Tapes of last years speakers (four 90 minute tapes) are available for $20

> DEF CON I tee-shirts (white, large only) with large color logo on the front, and on the back the Fourth Amendment, past and present. This is shirt v 1.1 with no type-O's. These are $20, and sweatshirts are $25.

* DEF CON II tee-shirts will be made in various colors this year (white, black navy blue, forest green, and ash) Long Sleeve shirts (A small ammount) will be in white and ash. Sizes will be in XL only. Shirts should be $15, Long Sleeve $20, but because we are doing a 3 and 4 color front with a two color back, and using glow in the dark ink costs will be known after printing. Sorry for the mystery!

* There will be two styles available. One will have a new back, and one will have a modified back from last year. They glow in the dark.

> 4 color DEF CON II wall posters will be for sale for about $10 (Sorry for the incorrect estimate, but they cost more to print than my 'source' said)

* We will try to have poster tubes there so you don't have to crush the posters

> Pre-Register for DEF CON II in advance for $15.

> Make all checks/money orders/etc. out to DEF CON, and mail to the address above. Way above. Above the virus awards announcement.

If you have any confidential info to send, use this PGP key to encrypt:

Version: 2.3

- The Dark Tangent

(Note, I have put a copy of Dr. Ludwig's new KOH Data security encryption Virus on-line at the DEF CON ftp site in /pub/defcon/KOH along with full documentation. Get CrAzY.)


                   Second International Virus Writing Contest
                                  Sponsored by
                American Eagle Publications, Inc. P.O. Box 41401
                             Tucson, AZ 85717 USA
                           The Crypt Infosystems BBS
                               +1 (818) 683-0854
                                *** The Goal ***
The purpose of this contest is to write a fully functional computer virus that
entertains people with political satire.  Viruses will be judged on the basis
of originality, creativity, functionality, and political incorrectness.
                             *** Eligibility ***
               Anyone who can write a computer virus is eligible.
                             *** Contest Dates ***
The contest is underway from January 1, 1994 until June 30, 1994. Your
submissions must be received by June 30 to qualify. The winner of the
contest will be announced at the DEF CON II conference in Las Vegas, July 22-24,
1994. If you can be present, an official award will be bestowed on you at
that time.
The philosopher Friedrik Nietzsche once said that if you want to kill
something, you must laugh at it--and laugh at it deeply. So there should be
little wonder that political satire is as old as politics itself.
Is there something going on in the political arena that you abhor, that makes
you sick, that is just plain wrong? Well, here's your chance to make a
mockery of it. I've always had this idea that if someone wrote a sufficiently
witty virus that really addressed the issues the way the people (not the
press, not the politicians) saw them, it might just get passed around by
people voluntarily.
Let's find out.
Write a virus that is itself a political satire. I don't mean a virus that
simply displays a message. I mean a living entity whose every move--whose
every action--is politically motivated. If you need more than one virus to
make your point--perhaps two viruses working together, or something like that,
that is fine.
Let me give you a simple example: The Political Correctness Virus
This virus is a spoof on the "political correctness" movement--which is just
a form of self-imposed censorship--that is sweeping American intellectual
circles, particularly colleges and universities.
This virus is a memory resident boot sector virus which maintains a list of
politically incorrect words on your computer system. It also hooks the
keyboard interrupt and monitors every keystroke you make. If you type a
politically incorrect word into the computer, the PCV springs into action.
Politically incorrect words are ranked at three different offense levels.
When the PCV encounters such a word, it determines what offense level that
word is, and acts accordingly.
The least offensive words merely register a beep. More offensive words cause
a beep to sound for 10 seconds. The most offensive words cause a siren to
sound for two minutes, locking the system for that duration. If you turn the
computer off before the two minutes are up, the virus will stop the boot
process for five minutes, with sirens, when you turn it back on. If you allow
the siren to complete, then you can proceed.
The virus has two different word lists, both stored in an encrypted and
compressed format. The list is selected at random when the system is
infected, after which it cannot be changed. The first list is the "proper"
list of political correctness no-no's. For example, a word like "sodomite" is
among the worst possible offenses. The second list is an inverted list of
no-no's.  This list tries to force you to use "sodomite" by flagging words
like "gay" and "homosexual" as no-no's.
If you allow the PCV to live in your system for three months without getting
a single flag, you are given the supreme honor of viewing the word list
assigned to you and adding a word to it. If you get more than 3000 flags in
a lifetime, the virus will force you to enter a politically correct word
before allowing you to start the computer, since you are obviously unwilling
to submit to its censorship.
The virus also uses powerful means to prevent disinfection, so that, once you
get it, you can't get rid of it without a major effort.
Now, I know you can get a lot more creative than this--so do it! Design your
virus carefully, so that everything it does has meaning. Then send it in.
Here are the criteria we'll use:
1. Originality: Your virus must be an original work. Do not send us anything
that is not 100% yours. Your message should be original too. Do not just
ape what everybody else is saying, especially the media. Also, a refined wit
is much to be preferred over vulgarity. Vulgarity is a substitute for
original wit. Foul language, porn, etc., are out. Destructive features should
be incorporated only if they are VERY appropriate (perhaps if you are
commenting on real live genocide in your country, or something like that).
In general, though, destructive features will hurt you, not help you. The one
exception is modifying anti-virus programs. That is considered to be
CONstructive activity.
2. Creativity: Make us laugh, make us cry. Amaze us with how bits and bytes
can say something about politics and issues.  Think of it like this:
displaying a message on the screen is like reading a text file. What we want
is the equivalent of a multi-media extravaganza. Use all the system's
resources to tell your message. Don't be afraid to write a virus that has
some weird mode of infecting programs that tells a story, or to write one
that sends faxes to the White House, or sends an automatic request for reams
of free information to some government agency.
3. Functionality: The virus has to work. If it only works on some machines,
or under some versions of DOS, or what-not, then that will count against
you. The better it is at infecting systems and moving around, the better off
you will be. So, for example, if you write a file-infection, make sure it can
jump directories, and--if you're up to it--migrate across a network.
4. Political incorrectness: Since computer viruses are politically incorrect,
their message should be too. If you send us a pro-establishment virus, then
you will not win this contest. A word to the wise: think twice about what's
correct and what's not. Many positions are only superficially incorrect,
though they are really quite fashionable among the establishment. Look at it
this way: if you could get a well-written letter expressing your view
published in a big city newspaper, then it's not sufficiently incorrect.
There are a LOT of ideas that are unofficially censored by society--
especially the media and academia. They tend to make themselves out to be the
rebels, but they are really the establishment. If you can't think of anything
creatively incorrect and sufficiently obnoxious then you shouldn't be writing
viruses in the first place.
                             How to Submit an Entry
You may mail your entry to American Eagle Publications at the above address,
or you may e-mail it to Alternatively, you can submit it
by dialing the Crypt Infosystems BBS and uploading it there. To get on to the
system quickly, efficiently and anonymously, log on as VIRUS, using the
password CONTEST.
An entry consists of:
1. A complete copy of your virus, both source and executable files.
2. If the political satire isn't perfectly obvious, send a verbal description
of how the virus works and why it does what it does. This is especially
important if you are not an American and you are commenting on something that
has not received worldwide attention. I don't care if you're Bulgarian and
you're commenting on something we've never heard of--just make sure you
explain it, or we won't understand and you'll lose.
3. If you want to be recognized for your work, include your name (real or
 and a way we can get in contact with you.
By submitting an entry, you grant American Eagle Publications, Inc. the right
to publish your virus in any form. You agree not to make your virus public
prior to July 25, 1994. If you do, you are automatically disqualified from
the contest.
For the sake of privacy, you may encrypt your entry and send it in with the
following PGP key (which we highly recommend if you have PGP):

    Version: 2.1
Good luck!
                                  P R I Z E S
In addition to instant worldwide fame and recognition, you'll get:
1. A cash prize of $100 US.
2. A year's subscription to Computer Virus Developments Quarterly.
3. Your virus will be published in Computer Virus Developments Quarterly,
and other fine journals.
4. A handsome engraved plaque recognizing your contribution to the betterment
of mankind.
5.  A free secret surprise that we cannot tell you about right now, valued
at $100.
Two runner-ups will receive the secret surprise.
                                !!  GO FOR IT !!

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