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8-26-96. EeTi: 

"Unix gives hackers a crack at systems." 

Las Vegas: Many of the hacking elite were on the 
Internet long before the World Wide Web was a gleam in 
the eye of inventor Tim Berners Lee. And these folks 
know the best-kept secret of gaining access to-and 
control of-someone else's electronic property: Unix. 

An expert underground Web cracker who goes by the 
handle +ORC noted with apparent glee: "With each 
company that connects to the Net, new frontiers are 
created for crackers to explore." 

Indeed, even as many old-line hackers of the sort who 
gathered here recently for the DefCon convention go 
legit, some starting cyber-security companies of their 
own, Internet-security experts look with trepidation 
to the next, more threatening wave of cybercrime. 

Perhaps the legendary hacker group l0pht is the best 
example of the thin line between cybercriminal and 
corporate comer. Several members spoke at DefCon, 
notably Death Vegetable, administrator of the Cult of 
the Dead Cow; and Mudge, the brilliant encryption 
cracker who devised the S/Key Cracker's Toolkit and 
posted it on the Net, much to the chagrin of Bellcore, 
S/Key's owners. 

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