oh defcon. what an event.. you get to act like a total idiot and are comended for it :)

i didnt even make it there before i started partying. i got drunk on the flight out. landed in vegas thrusday night, drunk, and the first thing i do is take my shoes off and beat them together like drumsticks in the middle of the airport. berf was standing there glaring at me telling me to put my shoes back on, so i do.. because its a pain in the ass walking around in my socks..

so we finally find where we want to go, i walk outside and im hit with 90 degree hot air. (ok, this isnt so cool anymore) i check my pager for the time, and its 12:30am. we get into one of those cool charter bus things that takes us to the hotel.. that we are staying across from.after trying to rip the driver off and failing, we go to the motel room across the street from the monte carlo hotel, where the convention is being held.

we got there and hooked up with munkee, from 303.. and we blab for a bit, then i eat about 4 oz. of shrooms. i even tried to eat the baggie they came in. before i know it berf and i are being kicked out of the room because SOMEONE decided they wanted to get laid. har de har har. so, we go off to carrows to get something to eat.

i looked down at the appitizer platter and realised the shrooms were kicking in, because that food looked so gross i was about to hurl. it had looked good 20 minutes ago. *shrug* after we couldnt stand to look at the food anymore, we decided to leave and take it with us. when i stood up i just about fell over. (yep. definately kicking in)

i had never felt so odd in my entire life. the hotel across the street was under construction, so there was tons of dust and haze in the air. it was dark, and there were moving signs and all sorts of really weird shit everywhere. loud noises and cars going by.. i just about shit my pants. after going to the motel room, then getting kicked out again, we decided to go to the monte carlo and see what was up there, even though the con hadnt started yet.

as we walked through the casino which seemed to go on for fucking ever i remember feeling so trapped with all those people and all the loud dinging noises and the lights.. i just kept thinking 'get me out of here'. we finally made it to the elevators.

shrooms are powerful fucking veggies, and let me tell you the stupidest thing i could have done was eat 4 ounces of the fuckers my first night in vegas, which i had never been to before. i spent the rest of the time at the hotel curled up in a ball crying my guts out and choking on snot. that ended when security walked up to us and said that someone had reported a 'possible injury' on this floor, and that we would have to leave. i played it off pretty good, i think.

we left the hotel and went back to the motel around 3, where munkee decided to fuck my trip up even more by babbling about pirates that i needed to kill.. then berf decided to join in, so i kicked them both out of the room. as soon as i did i was sorry i had, because now i was alone and frightened and tripping off my ass. i layed on the bed staring up at the ceiling, watching it move and swirl.. ended up curling up in the corner behind the bed and listening to the noises coming from outside, making sure to keepmy eyes wide open.

what seemed like 10 minutes later, i looked over the bed to see it was light outside. berf and munkee werent back yet, and its in my nature to worry.. so i was really relieved when they damn near broke the door around 7am. berf konked out, 'kee and i talked for a few hours. next thing i know its noon, time for the con.

after chugging some alcohol (dont remember what it was) munkee decided he would rather sleep for a bit, so berf and i went to the monte carlo alone.i was still tripped out enough not to want to see people, so i ended up ditching the con and heading off to carrows. met kandy, who was visiting her mom, but originally from chicago.we sat around bitching about boyfriends for a while, then went back to the motel room. after slamming on the windows and damn near kicking the door down, it became apperant that i wasnt going to be able to wake munkee up, so we went to the monte carlo to look for berf.

after weaving in and out of people i finally caught up with him and introduced him to kandy.. he gave me some money to get food and went back to his con thing. kandy and i went back to the motel room to wake munkee up again.. this time it worked. it turned out that he was dreaming, and that he thought the banging on the window was an ice machine. (haha)

i dont remember much more about that day, and if i do its mixed in with the next. much of saturday was walking around looking for a western union to get some cash.. and doing a little sight seeing.. kicking porn mags out from under my feet as i walked on the street..

vegas is too fucking hot. it was like 114 in the shade, i thought i was going to pass out.. not to mention i hadnt slept the night before. about now, all concept of time was lost. i was just too drunk to remember when shit happened..

i remember that the first cool person i met was pyro. he rocked.i talked to him for about 1/2 and hour, then his friend invalid walked up.pyro put his arm around me and said 'invalid, this is the leetest hacker chick in the world, courtnee with two e's'. now that was fuckin cool.with a new sense of confidence, i ran around meeting everyone i could. in a short time i had an army of nee protectors, and a few new friends.

at one point, i was sitting in the hallway outside the con room with kernel, smoking (INSIDE!! I LOVE VEGAS!!) and this guy comes up to us and says 'hi, i dont know anyone, can i know you?'
well hey, with a line like that this guys gotta be cool..
so he sits down and we're talking and asking each other what we know, and this guy goes powerwalking by, snaps my picture, and goes taking off down the hall. so i look up and yell 'HEY!!'. he yells back 'LOOK FOR YOUR PICTURE ON THE WEB' and runs around the corner. im thinking.. uhmmm.. ok.

we (kernal paul and i) decide to go walking around for a bit, and after a while i bump into knarph.
'hi.. im courtnee with two e's'
'hey im knarph'
cute handle. cuter ass. knarph and i didnt talk much, he and kernel went off to do something, and paul and i went back to the con room.. met more people.. drank more beer. you know, usual con shit.

i heard that there was a cool party brewing up in 26-321.. so i went to check it out. and theres that guy who snapped my picture standing around asking people whos inviting who. i walked up to him and started talking, after swiping his beer, and found out his handle was TrueCynic. come to find out, its his room. teklord and the french guy were there, as well as knarph and a few other people whos handles i dont remember.. or dont wish to..

walking around the con room before the party started, i went up to this booth selling 'co-ed naked hacking - finger me for more info' t-shirts. well, i was broke so i jokingly asked for a free shirt, and next thing i know i have one. i thanked the guy for it by changing into it right there in the con room. now that was interesting..

i also managed to get myself a 1200 baud modem, a few of those 'do not disterb' signs, a security phone.. and a few free phone calls thanks to the phreaked lines :) i had a total blast, stayed drunk the entire time.. only slept one night, and after the second night i ditched the motel room just stayed wherever.

26-321 was wild that night.. everyone was wasted and yelling and shit.. hacking on computers people brought.. everyone was in and out, but there was no less than 30 people in that room at one time. which was good for me, because every one of those people had beer or something and was willing to share :) about the time people started ordering strippers, me tc and knarph took off, as well as a few other people and did our own thing for a while. i ended up sleeping on the floor with tc that night. poor guy, it was his room and he had to sleep on the floor because tymat was sleeping in his bed. hehe.

the entire weekend just rocked, and i met alot of cool peoplethat i still talk to, and a few that i dont. (SEND ME YOUR INFOZ PEOPLE!)the hotel sustained about $20,000 in damages that weekend. someone even threw a chair out a 14th floor window. im definately going next year, if i live that long :)

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