To Reid's Off Ramp

I got a passing mention from Netta Gilboa, publisher of Gray Areas, in her speech to a Las Vegas computer hacker conference called Defcon in summer 1996. Gilboa says the crowd turned ugly and forced her from the stage before she was finished. Was it something *I* said?

Gilboa: ... "Furious I would not help him [Mike Schanot, who was searching for his runaway hacker son, Christoper, who was living with Gilboa], he called a reporter, Reid Kanaley, of the Philadelphia Inquirer and had Kanaley phone me for an interview about the 'Internet hacker' I had living with me. Hell hath no fury like a parent scorned, eh? I convinced Mr. Kanaley to drop the matter in what I thought was an off-the-record conversation, but after he failed to get real quotes from me when the arrest hit, Mr. Kanaley resorted to printing my words from this earlier conversation and saying in print I had granted the Philadelphia Inquirer an interview. Not. One does wonder how he got to Mr. Kanaley in the first place, and what he thought it would achieve...."

The reference was from an April 3, 1996, article in the Inquirer:

A hacking trail to Broomall
Computer whiz was college-bound;
Now he may face jail.

by Justin Pritchard and Reid Kanaley,

"Schanot's father contacted a reporter last year seeking help in locating his son. He said telephone records showed his son had contact with Gilboa in Broomall.

"In an interview in June, Gilboa, 37, said Schanot had called her after publication of the article and had asked for money so that he could leave home.

"'I gave him money for a ticket,' Gilboa said. She would not say at the time whether Schanot was a hacker, or whether he had been a source for her article. She said she did not know where Schanot was or how to contact him."