Here's some pictures from DEFCON IV in Las Vegas, July 1996.. if you are in any of these photo's and don't want to be, please email me and i will black out photo.. (mail

Most of the pictures are fuzzy .. or atleast look better with a higher resolution.. they look like shit on my sun, but on a windows machine they look ok.. so your mileage might suck, but it might be pretty good also.

TCP/IP Drinking game.

Left to Right: _Hobbit*, ??, Mudge, Biohazard, RedDragon, some guy who loves Lotus Notes, Deth Veggie, and TQBF

Eric Hughe's giving talk on his Universal Piracy Network
The Monte Carlo hotel
Count Zero and Lady Caroline
The New York New York hotel next door
Me and Biohazard
The Hotel Security guy

Left to Right: Bootleg, Security Guy, ??, Netta Gilboa (grayarea)

The place where the secret spy camera's were apparently placed

(electritions were apparently caught installing camera's here in the middle of the night before the con)