The under construction MCS page

The MCS crew in effect (and drunk)
The viking hall of fame (psylon)
Pixie is such a stud.....
Physical Hack (crusad3r) World Famous Balls of steel on the Monte Carlo ROOF!
My favorite picture of Pixie
Cheezy Pic of xist and pixie
Don't speak to us or we'll kill you.
Bad ass view of the Monte Carlo
Massive amounts of Beer
We laugh at Danger, and telco boxes.
The Crew fondling the merchendise
Dildog, Shaken, not stirred
HOLY FUCKING SHIT! L0ck bought us all dinner! (and wine)
The MCS crew in all it's glory.
ummm, somehow a light was hacked.
Crusader.. peaceful, just don't say "I dare you to ..."