TrueCynic, fruity, PbS, Courteney, Silent Service, and Kernal.

fruity's room after defcon
truecynic in fruity's car on the way to Virtual World..
Citizen-X sleeping on TrueCynic..
Courtney(sp?), PbS, Knarph and someone in the background hacking on the box
PbS and someone moving the TV cabinet to try to steal free porn..
picture of the convention hall where defcon had rented
picture of fruity's left butt cheek.. the sun like orb in the picture..
picture of a bulliten board taken from the car on the way outta town with PbS, fruity, and Truecynic
another pic taken from the car.. no clue what it is or anything
pic from car of Flamingo hilton or whatever it's called
pic taken from car on way outta town... using up film
picture of the Gwen Stefani look alike that we all were freaking over
another pic of the girl..
another pic of her
another pic of her getting annoyed at us taking pics of her.. I think her nick is Bird Red no confirnation on that tho
fruity joke buttfucking motts while he was sleeping...
fruity with monitor, PbS with keyboard and misc, and motts with computer in an elevator attempting to get away from our room before we got busted..taking the important shit with us
some guy we harassed in the parking lot when we first got there
Courteney(sp?) and someone doing what they are best at
some cheep porn on the floor of our room..shitty ass porn
speaker hall at fedcon where everyone sat and listened to shitsome cheep porn on the floor of our room..shitty ass porn
pic of one of the computer desks in the hall
another pic of a hall.. i recognize John Locke(sp?)
just guess what this guys' talkin about
pic outside of our rooms door.. that was room 26-321i think..
another pic outside our room.. like people walking
ppl from our room walking.. canut identify..
pic outside of conference hall.. random ppl
pic of New York New York casino and top of Madd-Vibe's hat
pic of ppl dancing outside of place along strip.. electric slide??
pic of the slots?? or something like that
should not be included in defcon pics :> those are pics of fruity and steve jakcing some guys truck up on blocks.. don't ask
pick of Madd-Vibe (foreground) and PlopBoy in background.. first getting there
pic of Silent Service.. one of teh ppl who lived in our room
Citizen-X attempting to hack power for his poser laptop..hahaha
pics of computer and Josta that was lived on.. what more is needed..
picture of mcdonalds inside of Monte Carlo.. scary
pic of strange pimp-like payphones inside of the Monte..
pic of (from left) PlopBoy, fruity(kneeling),Madd-Vibe, and soem guy who hung with us
pic of tymat(bottom left), fruity, Citizen-X(foreground, expressing his life philosophy), and PbS hidden in the background.
from left Citizen-X, tymat, teklord, Kernal, Courteney,and some guy we talked to?
pics of handsets we used to tap phones from neighboring rooms..
pic of "cellular boy" on left and teklord on the right..
pic of our room.. dunno who.. canut tell
uh.. Silent Service, tymat, the French Guy(center), fruity, and teklord
pic of plopboy, pbs, citizen-x at puter, lowrider(fore ground), and radar's legs in back ground and flea's face on bottom of pic.. i think tymat's foot
pic of radar(foreground), i think lowrider behind him.. citizen-x sleeping.. dunno the guy making calls
courtenee in front. pbs in back, fruity's arm with handsets
teklord, fruity, plopboy
pic of a damn saab that TC wanted to take.. dunno??!
pic of irc.. fruity's moniter
pic of hacking for jesus 91 shirt
pic of teklord eating the camera""????
pic of conference room..
pic of speck(chick in center) that we met..
pic of trash in our room... last day we were there
pic of fruity(in his trunk), the French Guy, plopboy maddvibe and someone else probably going to virtual world
tymat looking half asleep hacking netcom or something
pic of citizen-x doing what he does best.. and his shitty laptop hahaha