Defcon Hacker Trips A51 Radar? From: "Michael J. Poirier" Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 20:21:19 -0800 I wanted to let you know of an article in yesterday's (8/10/97) San Jose Mercury News. It was in their their Sunday magazine called WEST (kind of like Parade), but I cannot find it on their web site. The article was called "To Catch a Hacker", by Jonathan Littman. It was about the recent Def Con V convention in Las Vegas. Did you go?? Anyway, he talks about these zany teenagers and the stuff they do (sarcasm inserted by moi), including this interesting, but short, excerpt: Before I check out of the Alladin, I'll talk to the hacker who led a troop in a Humvee out to the Air Force's mysterious Area 51, released a makeshift helium balloon wrapped with foil to trip the radar, and watched with amazement 14 1/2 minutes later when a Navy F-something screamed within 500 feet of the provocateurs. That's it! Half a paragraph on page 28 of a ten page article. He also has a picture on page 25 of people at night holding an inflated trash bag attached to a long length of aluminum foil. The caption reads: Some Def Con participants launch a balloon near the Air Force's top-secret "Area 51." After an earlier prank, a fighter jet scrambled from the airbase to check the radar disturbance. Anyone heard of this?