Re: Defcon Hacker Trips A51 Radar? From: Gambit32 Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 20:57:47 -0800 >The article was called "To Catch a Hacker", by Jonathan Littman. It was >about the recent Def Con V convention in Las Vegas. Did you go?? Yup. I heard about it on a story at The area51 stuff of the story follows snip But there are times when hackers go out of their way to get noticed. One day during DEF CON, a group traveled three hours north of Las Vegas to the government facility known as "Area 51." This is the place - very much in the news lately - where it's long been rumored that the government is conducting research with technology recovered from a crashed alien spacecraft. When the hackers reached the security fence surrounding the compound, they lofted aluminum foil attached to helium balloons and watched the devices float within the scan of Area 51's radar. Minutes later they were asked to kindly leave the premises. Snip And there is a picture @