Random Photographic Crap from the CSUA Road Trip to the DEFCON Convention

Am I going to let you see a raw index of pictures? No, of course not! I'll give you useful blurbs instead! Now, admittedly, some of these pictures are better than others; some are good, some are bad, some are downright lame, and some you can only see when you are running xv -8 -perfect and the focus is not in your xv window. I extend my apologies to those whose systems are not capable of colormap flashing. :-)

Any comments here are mine; feel free to yell at me for them. I'll probably ignore you, since the pictures were all in my camera. :-)

All pictures below are 640x480 color JPEGs in as many colors as my machine would let me have. If you really want, I can send you the original windows BMP files, but those are nearly a megabyte apiece. Although the quality in the pictures below isn't so great, my digital camera isn't so great either. Just deal with it.

Poor sods shown in these pictures:

Lucky sods who managed to avoid the business end of my camera:

caos_inverted.jpg (24506 bytes) Elaine dances around on the roof of our suite in the Aladdin Hotel.

central_valley.jpg (24949 bytes) A view of California's San Joaquin Valley, from state highway 58 as it enters the eastern hills.

dawne0.jpg (23742 bytes) Dawn wants to know who that freak with the camera in the back seat of the van is.

dawne1.jpg (44312 bytes) Dawn scoffs at the paltry selection of clothing they have at the Stratosphere.

dawne2.jpg (35515 bytes) Dawn gets dressed up for the Black and White Ball which was supposed to happen but didn't. :-(

dbushong0.jpg (26107 bytes) Unlike Dawn, Dave flirts with the freak with the camera in the back of the van.

dbushong1.jpg (31806 bytes) Dave is still in a coquettish mood by the time we get to the hotel.

dbushong2.jpg (43427 bytes) Dave takes his revenge with the camera. Well, he wins the award for looking like a Don, if nothing else...

dbushong3.jpg (38217 bytes) Dave gets slightly dressed for the aforementioned ball. Peter looks on in a complete lack of terror.

dbushong_dark_scary0.jpg (11531 bytes) Dave lurks in the darkness. (You probably have to resort to colormap flashing to see this one.)

dbushong_dark_scary1.jpg (14794 bytes) More lurking and colormap flashing. Trust me, Dave is in there.

dbushong_jon.jpg (54128 bytes) Dave and Jon prepare for the trip; Lila ponders how she will wish us all well.

dbushong_laptop.jpg (10413 bytes) Dave is lit by the romantic glow of ERic's laptop.

downtown_vegas0.jpg (62238 bytes) Looking toward Downtown Las Vegas from the Stratosphere.

downtown_vegas1.jpg (76076 bytes) Same city, same camera location, but looking slightly more down.

dressed_up.jpg (40299 bytes) David (Holloway) doesn't dress up for the ball; however, David (Bushong), Geordan, and Jon have other plans.

geordan_gun0.jpg (42367 bytes) Geordan thinks that the Stratosphere is a great place for snipers to use large cannons. Too bad that's only a telescope he's holding.

geordan_gun1.jpg (44061 bytes) More snipery from Geordan. I think he has a target in mind this time.

geordan_gun2.jpg (27516 bytes) Geordan does his best James Bond impression. (Or is that one of the Men In Black?)

geordan_luxor.jpg (32446 bytes) Geordan attempts to command a statue of some mythical Egyptian beast to go somewhere. Too bad this was only the Luxor, and not Egypt.

golfcourse.jpg (50732 bytes) One of the golf courses viewable from the Stratosphere.

headphones.jpg (26092 bytes) Even car seat headrests like to listen to music sometimes.

hitchhiker.jpg (37330 bytes) Somewhere in the middle of the desert, Geordan feels compelled to leave our traveling band. Too bad nobody took him up on the offer.

holy_cow.jpg (41718 bytes) The Holy Cow is one of the only places I've seen that connects cows with beer.

ice_ammo_failed.jpg (24296 bytes) Somewhere in Mojave, there's a blinking sign on a liquor store that advertises both ice and ammunition for sale. Didn't quite get in focus for this one.

jon_geordan.jpg (24954 bytes) Jon's happy to go on this trip. Geordan is plugging away at his laptop computer already.

jon_gun0.jpg (30340 bytes) Jon attempts to make use of his ties to the Yakuza. I'm sure he has better things to do than shoot photographers with cheap digital cameras.

jon_gun1.jpg (29013 bytes) Jon attempts to reiterate his point.

jon_yakuza_trent.jpg (24892 bytes) This is what Trent Reznor would look like if he were employed by the Yakuza. Although his name would be Trent Reznor, and not Jon Kuroda. (You may have to use colormap flashing to see Jon's facial expression here.)

junction_395_58.jpg (38316 bytes) A major highway intersection in the Mojave Desert. Scary thing is I've been to both Bishop and San Bernardino. But it wasn't on this trip, at least.

laptop_screens.jpg (9207 bytes) On long drives at night, it pays to have laptops and an 8-port 10BaseT ethernet hub in the car. On the left is David Bushong; on the right is Sameer, who got the front seat for the whole journey. I was stuck in the back.

luxor0.jpg (35335 bytes) Statues inside the Luxor.

luxor1.jpg (36754 bytes) The same statues, a different angle; you can see the apex of the Luxor in the background.

luxor2.jpg (34477 bytes) They really want you to think you're in an Egyptian pyramid, don't they?

luxor_apex.jpg (23099 bytes) That center point is at least 20 stories up. It's also indoors, which disturbs me rather much.

luxor_bfl.jpg (22031 bytes) A couple palm trees and the BFL (B and F as in BFG 9000, L as in Light) on top of the Luxor's pyramid.

mehlhaff0.jpg (40510 bytes) ERic attempts to decide what we're going to do next.

mehlhaff_caos.jpg (35270 bytes) ERic and Elaine are all dressed up...now where are they going?

nevman0.jpg (32955 bytes) Nevin is too tired to deal with this whole formal wear thing. Funny, he's spent more hours in suits than the rest of us combined.

one_laptop.jpg (9489 bytes) The invisible ghost sits in front of a laptop computer.

peterm_stumped.jpg (41700 bytes) Peter is confused. Elaine is amused. ERic is hiding.

rabbit_ears.jpg (26673 bytes) Somehow I don't think I look as threatening when Dawn gives me the rabbit ears.

saarp_knees.jpg (26038 bytes) The Killer Knees of Saar Picker.

saarp_levitating.jpg (31528 bytes) Saar attempts levitation. He was heartbroken when he figured out he wasn't sitting on a flying carpet.

straight_down.jpg (52860 bytes) A bomber's view of the area near the Stratosphere.

stratosphere_speed.jpg (39677 bytes) What else do you do when you're one thousand feet above Las Vegas? Jon and Dave play speed. I just try not to consider the possibility of falling a very very very very very very (*smack*) long way.

strip_airport.jpg (51619 bytes) The Las Vegas Strip, a golf course, a piece of the Wet 'n Wild water park, and a bit of McCarran Airport.

sunset_clouds.jpg (16967 bytes) Desert sunsets do nice things to clouds. :-)

the_killer.jpg (27384 bytes) It may not be Chow Yun Fat and Tony Leung in a John Woo film, but it's close enough. I wish Geordan and Jon would invest less effort in shooting each other.

tmonroe0.jpg (37151 bytes) It's either a bad hair day for me or a good scare day. Take your pick.

tmonroe1.jpg (35544 bytes) May I stare at you for a while? No? Too bad.

tmonroe_mirror.jpg (28226 bytes) Hm, I wonder how I look in this silly suit...maybe the camera and mirror will tell me.

tmonroe_suit.jpg (23689 bytes) I can look respectable. Sometimes.

vegas_strip0.jpg (43196 bytes) A view of the Las Vegas Strip, from the Stratosphere. Just to show that we're actually indoors at this height.

vegas_strip1.jpg (39915 bytes) Careful of those "Don't lean on the glass or you'll DIE A HORRIBLE GRISLY DEATH" signs.

windfarm.jpg (25003 bytes) A windfarm somewhere near Tehachapi. Yes, the windmills are turning.

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